Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lewis Preserve

Sue and I hit the trails in one of our favorite spring places. We try to get in a spring trip and then return again every fall.
A new bridge was a pleasant surprise I love the smell of the newly cut logs.
We were soaking up the sun in the upper meadows when this Guy was discovered napping in an old apple tree.
He hung in there for a couple pictures and then we left him undisturbed to continue his sun bath.
There are three wonderful streams that twist and turn through this area which are beautiful to listen to as we enjoy our walk.
The early spring wildflowers were in bloom we couldn't help but notice the showy Purple Trillium's.

We found these Coltsfoot growing in a dried up brook bed, one of the first spring flowers.
This is a dogtooth violet but I like its other name Trout lily, its called that because the mottled leaves resemble a trouts belly

Thanks for checking in, its great to be able to share our trip with you.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Signs of Spring

It was a beautiful sunrise again this morning and I felt duty bound to record it for all you Late night TV watching, shade pulling, pillow punching, cover kickers out there. This is the sunrise over Missiquoi Bay on Lake Champlain in Alburg Springs VT.
This time of year the ducks like these mallards are nesting so I was a bit surprised and Puzzled to see these two Drakes paired up together. It could be a father and son reunion or they might be the ducks from Broke Back Mountain.
These beauty's were heading back to their bedding ground and were nice enough to pause for a picture. The two yearlings look like bookends behind their Mother.
Last week we were looking at buds and now things are bursting out all over. I'm sure the pollen count must be high and I sympathise with anyone who suffers with allergy's like this.
This Canada Goose had just hit the water hard as you can see by the turbulence he left in his wake.
After my morning hike I headed down to Holiday Harbor to help with getting the docks in the lake for another season.
The docks were rigged with chains and then lifted and placed by this truck mounted Crane. The Boom extends and swings from a mounted platform and is responsible for Bruce and I finishing the job with our backs intact.
One of the smaller docks being hoisted up and over the ramp and into the lake where they can be floated into place.
The Harbor Master in full regalia looking every inch like Gulliver hooking up the Lilliputian fleet.
This can be hazardous work and care must be taken to make sure to not pinch or jam any significant digits.
Thanks for checking in stay tuned for coming attractions at a Blog near you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wild Weekend

My wild weekends are a little different, instead of staying up late I get up real early.
I visited this Osprey nest it's new and doesn't have much cover around it.I wasn't able to get any shots without disturbing the birds so I left it.
I found this one in an old Hemlock back in the woods, it has plenty of ground cover to conceal both me and my camera and keeps me a respectful distance from the nest.
The two birds make trips out to gather food and nesting material one usually stands guard while the other is gone.
These graceful birds don't appear to be very large until they spread those magnificent wings.
Further along I spotted this Muskrat having his breakfast he might want to watch out or he might become breakfast for the two Osprey's.
These two wild turkeys coming over that hill in the morning mist were a sight, I was only able to hold my position and not move or they would have been spooked.
Just started seeing these Whitetail Deer this week as they move from their winter yards back to greener pastures.
I have been enjoying the Wood Ducks and I'm getting closer to getting the shot I want of one of the brilliantly colored males. Note the reflections of the males in the water. Not sure where it got started but these formerly close neighbors are now not on speaking terms .
Just had to take this shot on the way home, when it comes to tree identification there are some I'm not sure of but anyone can tell this is a New England Rock Maple.
Thanks for sharing my wild weekend with me.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Most of you viewing this will recognize this migratory bird and know its connection to my family.

Some of you may have questions, you can find the answers here!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

High Water

Yes even the ducks are having trouble keeping their feet dry as the snow melt brings up lake and river levels to near flood stage.
The marsh offers some quiet and beautiful sights like these reflections.
A muskrat is working the edge of a flooded out field we are both enjoying the sunshine.
Patience has its rewards, This Wild Canada Goose was submerged and I got the shot just as he emerged from the water.
If you ever need to settle an argument about Geese having tounges or not this picture should do the trick.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tour De Champlain

It struggled up to 50 degrees so I got out the road bike and took a spin around the county to see how the other half was living. The ice is holding on some spots and breaking up in others.Pictured below is a view across City Bay in North Hero looking East at the Green Mountains which today were looking mostly blue and white.

Nobody is expecting to catch many fish but it makes a good reason to get out and soak up a little sun. The handicap fishing ramp will be under water for a few weeks and is closed until further notice. You can fish off the rocks to your hearts content but if you feel a tug on your line it's more likely to be an Ice Cake than a trophy fish.
A view of the sheets of ice from the Bridge is reminiscent of the views on Television of the Arctic icecap melting and breaking away.Much more of this and even the die hard Ice Fishermen will begin to think that the season is coming to an end. If you look closely you can see the holes they have drilled in these ice sheets and maybe a few Holiday Harbor minnows lying around.
This is my first attempt at impressionistic art I call it "Cyclist with Camera"
Whoever had this bench out on the lake must have enjoyed the view and not minded the cold. They will need to remember to come and retrieve it soon or it will end up as new Bass structure on the bottom of the lake.
Warmer weather is forcasted for the coming week so better enjoy the snow and ice pictures while you can, with any luck in a month or two it will be almost gone.

Early Bird Special

I was out early to try and work with the available morning light. The sun is getting stronger and warmer with each passing week and should provide some beautiful sunrises in the near future. These Common Reeds provided a nice contrast against a clear blue sky.

This Red Fox was out prowling looking for a morning meal, my wife thinks he has a taste for Cats and doesn't like him coming around her pet! The railroad tracks and natural frame of the woods make this an interesting picture.
I have a few looks at this old Sugar House among my pictures its always a good subject. I liked the way it looked this morning in the early light and decided to include a few trees in the foreground for composition and scale.
Canada Geese flying north against the morning sky, this is a sight you never can get enough of, the sounds that go with it only serve to enhance the experience. Many Birds remain in our area feeding and resting before resuming their journey to their nesting grounds .
This bunch was almost out of sight over this little rise, like me they seem to be enjoying the morning sun.
As the weather warms up and the ice melts the natural world is ready to come alive. Stay tuned for coming attractions, I am looking forward to recording some of the action for future Post.