Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Twilight

We headed down to the lake shore and took advantage of the unique conditions created by the mix of sunlight and ice.

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Make your own fun!

Sandwiched in between Christmas and Boxing day is the feast of Kuksa a day set aside to show our appreciation for the lowly but useful cup.
The best way to gain a full knowledge of this common but extremely important utensil is to fashion one the way the native people did.

Not sure in what period of native development Sharpies were invented but you can look it up.
Birch is the traditional wood used and who are we to argue?

Thanks for journeying along with us through the Kuksa season, Cheers!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home for Christmas

Rachel and Phil are here and we are enjoying our time with them, the weather was nice enough to go afield and get some fresh air
I have a lot of paracord on hand and Rachel and Percy showed us a thing or three about new and interesting uses for it.
My firesteel and striker with paracord lanyard.
Check out the fancy stitch on this bracelet it contains about 8' of cord ready for use should the need ever arise
It has a simple loop and knot clasp on the underside.
I am enjoying my new bracelet, Thank You Rachel, and good luck with your new business, we accept all major credit cards cash or good check.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chicken Update

Time for an update on operation hen house, as you can see we are in full operation.
This Buff Orpington pullet will be laying in a couple of months. This breed is very cold weather tolerant they have a thick layer of feathers.

Here is another of the Buffs the one on the right is a ROO !

Despite the recent cold temps and short days without much sunlight the hens are finally starting to lay eggs faster than I can eat them.

Brief Interlude

Inside set up for the winter the waterer has a thermostat to keep it from freezing, I am running a heat lamp at night which keeps it comfortable for them in their insulated building.

This Barred Rock was bred for New England winters, she has a thick coat of the finest down to keep her safe and warm through the winter months.

Another example of New England stock the Rhode Island Red. They are hardy and prolific layers of large brown eggs.

The Buff Rooster is saying hello to the laying hens from a safe distance in an adjacent pen.

Its great to have plenty of these all set for the holiday baking.