Saturday, February 23, 2008

Northern Exposures

This represents the best and worst that winter can bring us. These beautiful doves come to the feeder and take refuge in the big Spruce.
Snowbanks can pile up making it hard to get around, they sometimes change into colors other than the white you see on Currier and Ives prints.
We have plenty of ice for outdoor recreation, if you get cabin fever you can get out of the house and spend the day in one of these !
Slushy roads make for dirty windshields that need frequent cleaning, luckily our gas stations always have sponge-cicle"s availible for the traveling public.
Window boxes accented with fresh snow show that beauty is everywhere too, during this season.
Energy cost are up everywhere as people explore alternative ways to heat their homes and and for transportation.

One more shot of the Doves chilling out in their snowy retreat.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Lie-In in Winter

We broke out the snowshoes and did a turn around the trails for some much needed fresh air and exercise. I thought a new post was in order as some of you said you had seen quite enough of that Ham.

Looks like we just replaced that Ham with a new one.