Sunday, July 05, 2009

No Closed Season

Home this week for the 4th of July Holiday so was able to get out and scout early in the mornings.
One of a few Whitetail Fawns I was lucky enough to see this week.

This ones a cutie, we are both wondering where Her Mama is.
This early morning sighting has a surprise hiding in the long grass.

It was raining when I took this shot, you can see the wet look on this one.

Mama finally appeared out of the ditch and took ownership of her little one.

This one was definitely camera shy.

One of my favorites you can now see the little one standing up in the high grass and reflected in the water.

How did you Guys get in here ? These were some yard birds we saw on our travels.

Its been very rainy and cloudy all week here it was nice to get the sun shining on one this morning. I was out walking in my moccasins and had the advantage of seeing Her first.