Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things are looking up!

Another good reason why its perfectly sensible to occasionally scan the tree tops .

It's not warm enough to plant just yet but the Square Foot garden stands ready for another growing season.
A diamond in the rough the new ground is raked and ready for stage two.

Our Contractor is coming tonight to size up the job of stump pulling and rock removal

Seems everyone in the neighborhood is interested in what we are up to and are keeping a sharp eye on us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Retirement Plan

Seems nice to have a door open without a bunch of kids hollering Pig's Out every few minutes.

We started our Tomatoes from seed and the plants are coming along, should be ready to plant outside around Memorial day.
This is the Henhouse fresh off the lake from down at Holiday Harbor.

After getting the building in place it was time to rough out the pen.

This run has southern exposure and should get some nice sun in the afternoon.

Sue had to move her swing to a new location to make room for the new arrivals.

We have been clearing off the lower lot where we cut the trees this winter.

I chipped the brush that was left and made a couple of nice piles of wood chips for use on this project.

All the leaves and old growth
are going into the compost bins to break down naturally for use in our garden

Thanks for looking in I will Post more on our Homesteading project soon.