Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saw Blade Magic

My interest in Knives got me to thinking (Dreaming) that someday I could make my own. I had picked up an old circular saw blade pictured below at a local barn sale and set it aside for future use on this project. A visit from my Brother Paul and his generous gift of some wood for handles and more than a little advice and direction got the thing kick started a couple of months ago.

I started small with the upper knife pictured below which is a full size handle on a 21/2" blade then made a 4" blade which has a Osage Orange handle and brass pins. I removed the rust but left the original Patina on the steel which acts as a natural rust preventive and contrast well with the shiny grind lines.
The first batch of small knives. They may be small but they are as tough as Pig Iron.
Before the saw blade knife project I modified and re profiled a bunch of old kitchen knives which was a good start for me. Most of this work was done with a Dremel and sandpaper.
The circle saw steel worked out so well that when I had another chance at some saw steel of a different kind I jumped all over it. I have made two knives out of this so far and the results are very gratifying.
I have made ten knives to date just about enough to get one to each of my brothers ( 7 ) and a Father In-law. It has been a very fun rewarding Hobby as each knife is different and presents it's own unique challenges.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Egg Layers

What a beautiful time of the year, the birds, the bees, the flowers, oh my!

It's not just the birds that are nesting and laying their eggs.

How about this Stegosaurus wannabe!
Yeah the birds are nesting too this time of year, I almost passed this nest by without a look inside.
Not sure if this Woodcock is nesting but I was happy to share the trail on this sunny morning.
Now back to the stars of the show.

I am often late on the timing of this amazing event every year but this time I was all over it, being on vacation allowed me to go and observe and photograph them every morning this week.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is a good opening shot for this sequence of photos, my trip this year certainly included many happy hours in the woods and waters of this unspoiled region.

This year I met and stayed with some wonderful new friends, they live here on top of one of the areas most beautiful and scenic mountains.
Not as many Moose were in evidence this year one of the reasons may have been the record breaking Heat we were experiencing that week.
This is an early morning shot from one of my favorite places to be on earth. I take an old tote road in to the trail head then hike the trail in to this little spillway surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains.
It was drier this year which means that more of the logging roads were accessible by my little wagon . I went boldly in where I had never gone before and found this remote Bog which besides being gorgeous is a haven for Brook Trout.
The most observant of you will notice that the Moose horns are displayed as singles instead of a complete rack. They were found by my friends who are Shed Hunters and comb the wild mountains looking for one of these that a Moose dropped off.
I had the unique experience of joining up with a local movement to blaze a new area hiking trail along the river to a Falls on the river. It was a rugged walk and a tiring day but I will always remember and be proud to be a part of this worthwhile effort. Those that are interested can check out the trail here.
My home away from home, this unique shelter was built by a Lady that honed Her skills working on log cabin construction in Northern Maine. She integrated many natural elements into the design including using the New Hampshire granite ledge as a wall that reflects the heat from the stove.
A view from the penthouse, looking out from the top of the Mountain.
This is a Painted Trillium one of my favorite wood flowers that I look forward to seeing every year.
As always it was great to get away and enjoy the peace and beauty of my favorite place.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Warm Up

Packing things up for my spring walkabout, I'm heading north tomorrow for some time in the Great Northwoods Region of Northern New Hampshire.

The lilacs are in bloom here in the valley but I will leave them and other flowers behind as I head for the higher latitudes.
An early morning walk in the marsh just to stretch my legs and my lens out a bit.
As usual the reflections were awesome in the early morning light on the water.
Stealth has its rewards, chances like this one make all the mosquito bites worth it.
Looking forward to bringing back some shots from my upcoming trip in a few days.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Twilight

We headed down to the lake shore and took advantage of the unique conditions created by the mix of sunlight and ice.

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Make your own fun!

Sandwiched in between Christmas and Boxing day is the feast of Kuksa a day set aside to show our appreciation for the lowly but useful cup.
The best way to gain a full knowledge of this common but extremely important utensil is to fashion one the way the native people did.

Not sure in what period of native development Sharpies were invented but you can look it up.
Birch is the traditional wood used and who are we to argue?

Thanks for journeying along with us through the Kuksa season, Cheers!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home for Christmas

Rachel and Phil are here and we are enjoying our time with them, the weather was nice enough to go afield and get some fresh air
I have a lot of paracord on hand and Rachel and Percy showed us a thing or three about new and interesting uses for it.
My firesteel and striker with paracord lanyard.
Check out the fancy stitch on this bracelet it contains about 8' of cord ready for use should the need ever arise
It has a simple loop and knot clasp on the underside.
I am enjoying my new bracelet, Thank You Rachel, and good luck with your new business, we accept all major credit cards cash or good check.