Saturday, May 22, 2010

Warm Up

Packing things up for my spring walkabout, I'm heading north tomorrow for some time in the Great Northwoods Region of Northern New Hampshire.

The lilacs are in bloom here in the valley but I will leave them and other flowers behind as I head for the higher latitudes.
An early morning walk in the marsh just to stretch my legs and my lens out a bit.
As usual the reflections were awesome in the early morning light on the water.
Stealth has its rewards, chances like this one make all the mosquito bites worth it.
Looking forward to bringing back some shots from my upcoming trip in a few days.


Phil and Rachel said...

Wonderful photos! You've set the expectations high for your trip!

John Batchelder said...

Nice to see that the camera still works. That doe looks like she should be dropping a fawn soon.

Wool Winder said...

Be careful out there. Can't wait to see the photos you bring back.