Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saw Blade Magic

My interest in Knives got me to thinking (Dreaming) that someday I could make my own. I had picked up an old circular saw blade pictured below at a local barn sale and set it aside for future use on this project. A visit from my Brother Paul and his generous gift of some wood for handles and more than a little advice and direction got the thing kick started a couple of months ago.

I started small with the upper knife pictured below which is a full size handle on a 21/2" blade then made a 4" blade which has a Osage Orange handle and brass pins. I removed the rust but left the original Patina on the steel which acts as a natural rust preventive and contrast well with the shiny grind lines.
The first batch of small knives. They may be small but they are as tough as Pig Iron.
Before the saw blade knife project I modified and re profiled a bunch of old kitchen knives which was a good start for me. Most of this work was done with a Dremel and sandpaper.
The circle saw steel worked out so well that when I had another chance at some saw steel of a different kind I jumped all over it. I have made two knives out of this so far and the results are very gratifying.
I have made ten knives to date just about enough to get one to each of my brothers ( 7 ) and a Father In-law. It has been a very fun rewarding Hobby as each knife is different and presents it's own unique challenges.