Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scenes from September

The patterns of colors emerge slowly at first.
As fields ripen and the cool days return, the colors intensify and transform the landscape.
Nature is busy gathering stores for the winter months ahead.
This is a good example of the season and how it looks
Many wood piles like this are on display as people pepare to offset the high cost of home heating in the coming months.
It takes thousands of leaves like this to put on the foliage production we enjoy every year.
Another September classic, even the wind rows of freshly cut hay have fall color in them!
The baby turtles are hatching this month and emerging from their underground nest.
When the air gets cool and crisp in the fall it also gets exceptionally clear.
Fall is harvest time and there is an abundance of produce to enjoy.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time away

The question comes up every so often, where do people who live here go on vacation?

With so much natural beauty right here at home you don't have to seek it elsewhere but a change is always nice!

I loaded up some gear in the pack and headed into the Adirondacks to hang out with the Loons on a beautiful remote lake.

Some primitive camping is good for the soul and a good way to maintain our vital connection with the land.