Saturday, November 29, 2008

Frosty Morning

Out early today for a scout with the camera, it was cold and the wind was brisk but the trail looked inviting.
There is some interesting color combinations to capture this time of year.
Brother John was remarking in an earlier Post that the water look very calm and clear.

I hope you can see in this picture some of that "clear" stuff is coating these fresh Beaver cuts.

How cold was it? Well you can't just go by the thermometer, you have to factor in wind chill and other varibles on any given day. I guess its cold enough for most folks when the wild birds are frozen to the branches and you have to pull them free so they can fly away.

Thanks for looking in.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas

Out with the camera for a scout the day after Thanksgiving.
Just hitting on all the color that is availible, its mostly brown and grey now.
I was happily surprised to see these two Otters out hunting for breakfast.

This is where they were busting up through the river ice you can see the pieces of ice on top indicating they came up from underneath.

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These Beaver's know how to handle a Vermont winter, they build a snug lodge and stock it with plenty of good food and wait for spring to come again.
I had a hard time timing these shots, they were under water and would just pop up long enough for one quick shot.
On my way out I spotted this Muskrat enjoying the little bit of open water under this culvert.

Everything is beautiful in its own time.

Thank's for checking in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Trails

We got out for a nice hike in the marsh and were surprised to see lot's of Beaver activity.

Besides the softer woods like alder and swamp maple they were trying their teeth out on some oak's.

Notice the protective wire mesh that was suposed to keep them from girdling a tree like this.

They have their lodges built up and supplies laid in for winter.
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Craft Shop

This is my new stove made out of a fancy feast cat food can! It is an amazing rig it puts out a nice flame just like a gas stove burner and boils water in a jiffy.

The weather lately has not been the best for photography or biking so I have been getting into some indoor projects. The knife's pictured below have been modified from their original shape, shortened and re profiled to my liking. The results were gratifying the end result is a very functional knife that is at home in the kitchen or in the field. Handles are another endeavor, I enjoy watching them take shape, each one comes out slightly different.
This project features a commercial blade fitted to a custom handle that I fitted, sanded and stained.
Another project that is waiting is to seal and mount this great old nest that we harvested at the end of the season.