Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden Update

Here's a new look at the old ground. you can see some hills in the foreground those are pumpkins and in the background are tomato cages and trellis panels for beans and cukes.
Still picking rocks but most of the large ones have been dealt with.
The new home for those stones is this wall that Susan is building, Its a beautiful addition to our garden.

The chicks have been moved into their permanent home.

Cool temps have them hanging out under the heat lamp.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adopt a Chicken

Due to the unexpected response to the Adopt a Chicken program, as promised here are some individual looks at the perspective candidates with a brief description for each. Number One is a Barred Rock chick that has a large white spot on the top of his head much like a chickadee!
Number Two is a Rhode Island Red this one is very neat and dainty, definitely a Girly Girl.
Number Three, this Red has a dark reddish color with orange stripes like a creamsicle.

Number four has wings much more developed than the others, she likes to spread her wings and try to fly.

Number Five has a smaller white spot, she is a guardian and watches out for and protects her little sister Dinky.

Last but not least Number six is the littlest chick She is a character and is always getting into trouble. When I took her picture she was the only one who escaped and I had to chase her around the yard to catch her.

Have fun picking out and naming your favorite chick!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green Acres

Mr Haney, Proprietor. The picture below is a pile of roots, along with a stone wall full of rocks they are the first thing harvested out of the new garden! There is something satisfying about extracting a tough old root I would recommend it for everyone its good for the soul.

Some of the stones with which we decided to build the great wall of Alburgh. I am reminded of an old but true saying, " When you buy the meat you buy the bones. and when you buy the land you by the stones. "

One of our non - traditional gardens we have tomato's in this container garden on the south wall of our little barn.

Our Square Foot gardens are up and running they are very easy to plant and maintain.

This is the land we cleared for our new garden I have named it the Garden Of Eatin. Getting ready to plant potatoes, squash, pumpkins , green beans and cucumbers down here.

Its OK to be Square!

This is Sue's oasis in all of this She has hummers coming to her feeder and some of the birds are using the other thing so at least someone is taking a bath around here.

These new Chicks arrived today and are a welcome addition to the Homestead.

Wow I just noticed its double coupon day! I think one of them is sitting on the chicken specials.

Some wild baby's have made an appearance this week. If you look close you can spot two in this picture.

Got these shots in a neighbors field, I think someone needs a time out.